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I Can See Clearly Now, the Crack are Gone

img_5323For the last five years, we have been working on renovating our house.  Our projects started out small as we had a limited budget, but we knew if we did them as we could afford it, we would get the house done someday without going into a bunch of debt.  I didn’t want to do what many of the people my generation and use debt to pay for my renovations which meant I had to be patient.

As we moved down our list of renovations, the costs increased.  We started out by painting the interior, and this year we replaced the windows.  Many of them were cracked and we could barely see out of the windows, but we had to put-off doing the work on them because we needed to save up the money first.

Thankfully that day came a few weeks ago and we had a specialist in Windows Replacement in Bel Air give us a quote on the project.  We had particular windows in mind, and when we learned how much it was going to cost, we ordered them right away.

In fact, it was a lot more affordable than I would have guessed.  Sometimes I wished that we would have done it sooner, but it is nice to sit here at the table in the living room and look out our new windows – I can see clearly now as all the cracks are gone.


Bringing Ideas to Life

One of the biggest skills that I use as an entrepreneur is my ability to create something from nothing.  I know that it sounds a little cliché, but that is essentially what the essence of an entrepreneur is: we take an idea and bring it to life.  These ideas can be something that we thought up, or more importantly can be an opportunity that we see in the marketplace and the actions that are taken to create a business around it.

Let me give you an example – take a look at the following picture.


When I had a little water problem in my home in Azusa, I didn’t know what to do.  The repair that was needed was beyond anything that I could handle on my own and I ended up calling in people that did Water Damage Restoration Azusa to fix the problem.  I watched them do the work while they were at my home, and what I learned was that they provided a much-needed service.

I smelled opportunity.

In fact, it was an opportunity that I couldn’t capitalize on (mainly due to the location where I lived and how busy I was), but I was able to give this idea to a good buddy of mine that was looking for a new business opportunity.  What is amazing about this kind of idea is that my buddy went on to create a business around this service and now employs six guys that work with him.

It is truly amazing what can grow from one simple idea.